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We offer computer financing programs to individuals that have less than perfect credit.



You can receive a new desktop or laptop computer, even if you have no credit, bad credit or have filed for bankruptcy.



Apply today and you could have your new computer in your home in about a week from today.

Get started by completing our free application below.


We carry most computer brand names and models that are available at most of the major retail stores.

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computer financing


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computer financing

Now you can get the desktop or laptop system that you have always wanted. Our new high speed systems can be used for everything from running a business to doing your school homework. You can no longer afford to have a slow or out dated desktop or laptop computer system. We can help you to get the right system for your home, business or school.  Easy computer financing alternatives.

Computer Financing

Our new computer financing plan also offers custom made computer systems.  We can design  a system for just about any need.

Don't see the system that you would like to order on our list? No problem! If you can find the pc you want at your local retailer, you can order the same pc system from our company.  Plus you can recieve your product choice with no money down, free delivery with low monthly payments.  Easy Computer Financing

We have a number of different types of lending programs that will work for just about anyone.  You can get approved even if you are new on your job, self employed, on ssi or you are retired.  And because there is no credit checks, you could have filed for bankruptcy yesterday, you still can get approved for our program.  Get started today with our bad credit computer financing program.

Computer Financing


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