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Offering marketing services for construction, manufacturing, industrial and building service companies.?While your company builds the physical things, let us build your digital presence and sales pipeline.


VisualFizz Builds is a sector of the greater VisualFizz brand that focuses on compelling, effective marketing strategies for brands and businesses that specialize in all things building, manufacturing, and industrial. Grit, persistence, and hard work required.

Industries VisualFizz Builds Serves

Building and Construction are vital to society and are excellent indicators of economic health and growth. VisualFizz specializes in supporting Construction, Facilities, and Management brands.

Precision and efficiency are as critical in digital marketing as they are in industrial manufacturing. VisualFizz understands the unique needs of manufacturing brands and helps them to reach the right audiences.

Industrial processes require certifications, knowledge, and expertise that doesn't come overnight. VisualFizz specializes in industrial branding and industrial marketing support and helps industrial brands to put their best faces forward when growing their brands and expanding their offerings.

From Real Estate to Building Management and everything in between, Building Services brands work diligently to ensure all buildings are safe, compliant, and efficient. VisualFizz has a deep understanding of Real Estate and Building Services needs and supports these needs in innovative, tech-forward ways.

VisualFizz has significantly enhanced our brand overall, which in turn helps grow our business and capture more leads. The quality of their work has been great thus far and they’ve done a great job of understanding and adapting to the unique needs of each of our offices, taking their time to research each individual market. They also provide a lot of valuable insight and feedback, trying out new ideas to help improve our digital marketing strategy.

Teri K.

marketing Coordinator, Rose PAving

We can be your industrial marketing partner.

VisualFizz Builds is a fully integrated marketing team that helps support the unique needs of industrial-based businesses. Whether it’s website development, content creation, branding, strategy, SEO, PPC, or marketing consulting, we’re here to lend a? helping hand to those that build up our world.?

VisualFizz Builds Clients

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Our Process

VisualFizz Builds was created to support the needs, challenges, and wins that are specific to the industrial, commercial, and manufacturing industries. Our hands-on processes and strategies are growth-oriented and results-driven. Before we begin working with any industrial brand, we get to know your business, your team, your brand, and the unique needs of your particular industry and application. VisualFizz bridges the gap between the physical, industrial world and the digital world.

We've Done This Before

Paving and Asphalt Management - Rose Paving, LLC

Many of us take the roads and parking lots that we drive and walk on for granted, but asphalt and paving management is an important construction service that requires a combination of years of experience, proper equipment, and full project management to be successful. Because of how important infrastructure and facility maintenance are to building management, quality and, most importantly, durability are at the forefront of nearly every paving need.?


The paving industry in the United States is made up of more than 4,000 asphalt production sites, and the industry itself has grown from the hard work and expertise of small, family-owned businesses. Today, these family owned businesses have expanded and grown themselves, which allows them to take on larger construction jobs, service more locations, and maintain extremely high quality output.

A large, nationally prominent, This Chicago-based parking lot paving management company had continued to expand and grow and was ready to ramp up their digital marketing efforts. Due to the brand’s growing size and needs, this company was on the hunt for a full-service digital marketing company to work as an extension of its own team on an annual contract basis. The goal of the marketing partnership between VisualFizz and?Rose Paving?was to elevate their brand strategy, build and manage their brand website, and assist with other marketing initiatives as the brand continued on its trajectory of rapid, stable growth.?

VisualFizz manages a full-service digital marketing strategy for Rose Paving, including brand strategy, email marketing, social media management, content development for blogs and newsletters as well as for non-digital asset management for marketing collateral designs. We also manage Google Ads, PPC, and SEO. In the next year, we’ll be creating some video content for them as well.?


Rose Paving’s brand has been significantly enhanced overall, which in turn helps grow its business and generate more leads. Client satisfaction along with our quality of work, account management and our open and transparent communication has earned us the client’s trust as a valued partner. We also provide the client with valuable insight and feedback at regular intervals. Our PPC strategy combined with an across-the-board keyword optimization effort and efficient spending recommendations led to a 30% increase in online form conversions. This approach has allowed Rose Paving to continue to out-innovate its competitors to the point that the company is literally peerless in its segment.

Dental Healthcare Manufacturing - Hu-Friedy

Dental health is a vital aspect of overall health and wellness. While there are many consumer-focused dental products and services, there are also brands who serve dental professionals, such as dentists, orthodontists, and hygienists.?


Dental Equipment Manufacturing is an expansive industry that focuses on knowledge, sanitation, and extreme precision. It’s critical for all dental professionals to not only remain updated on the latest tools and dental technology, but to also keep their tools and instruments up to date as well.?


Dentistry and Dental Healthcare support encompasses several pillars within the dental industry, and it’s vital for all brands working in the dental space to have an understanding of these pillars to provide the best support possible. These pillars include Dental Hygiene, Clinical Dentistry, Dental Products, Tools, and Accessories, Practice Management, Front Office Management, and Dental Assisting.

This Chicago company manufactures a variety of dental instruments and equipment and sells to dental practices both around the country and the world. In addition to maintaining strong B2B relationships, they maintain a large social community of dentists, oral hygienists, and dental professionals at all stages of their careers. This Chicago dental manufacturer takes pride in delivering a library of webinars, ebooks, informational videos, doctor partnerships, and other helpful content to support the community’s ongoing education within the dental field, regardless of their level of experience and/or education. By supporting the professionals that utilize their products, the brand is able to remain top of mind and ensure the industry remains knowledgeable.?

VisualFizz created an in-depth social media planning calendar for Hu-Friedy’s global dental brand when they needed to amp up their social media presence to increase awareness of their brand and support their community of dental professionals. VisualFizz focused on organic social posts and tightly-defined targeted paid social media campaigns to increase engagement and ensure the social media dollars were spent wisely.?This strategy led to a 400% increase in Social Engagement Year over Year, with a 45% increase in social channel followers and 30% increase in message reach Year over Year.

Let's work together

NonProfit Web Development - buildOn

VisualFizz holds a special place in its heart for non-profits and brands that support and build up the community around them. Not-for-profit brands do what they do because of their steadfast belief in their mission. Non-profits, especially internationally-based ones, require a specific amount of knowledge and skill to match the brand’s unique voice online. Most nonprofits rely heavily on fundraising and generous donors to meet their monetary goals that enable them to function and serve the community. Nonprofits have a unique challenge to maintain a variety of social, communication, and contact channels, so they can ensure that they are reaching as many people that support their mission as possible.?

BuildOn entered into a partnership with VisualFizz to work as a consultative extension of the nonprofit’s current internal design team. VisualFizz’s development team carefully evaluated the User Journey through the conversion process and worked closely with buildOn’s design team to build a beautiful, compelling brand website for both mobile and desktop layouts, while coordinating and performing all implementation and development-related tasks.?


VisualFizz’s team also provided additional insights and recommendations that could allow buildOn to better reach audiences and deliver their heartfelt messaging. We performed a technical website audit and further identified components of the website that could benefit from updating and streamlining.

BuildOn, a national nonprofit that empowers children and adults and transforms lives through after-school service programs in the United States together with communities in developing countries to build schools, was in need of a homepage refresh. In addition to refreshing the aesthetics of the brand’s website, buildOn knew that it must also improve the User Experience from start to finish in order to make the donation process as smooth and easy as possible. To do so, the brand required optimizations to page speed, effective and compelling Calls-to-Action, and an improved donation form and checkout process.?

Image from: buildOn

VOC Removal Machinery - Kono Kogs

Construction, Manufacturing, and other industrial processes produce varying amounts of waste material that must be properly handled and destroyed to ensure environmental safety. Waste from industrial processes are referred to as volatile organic compounds, and VOCs can be toxic to both humans and the environment if not handled properly. Thus, VOC removal is an integral part of any construction site or commercial process.?


The Environmental Protection Agency had strict policies on air quality control, requiring businesses to remain below a specific amount of VOC emissions and pass a yearly emissions test. The machinery used in the process of ensuring air quality follows EPA code, referred to as an “Oxidizer” given the high temperature that ‘oxidizes’ harmful VOC emissions, can be extremely costly. Due to the high cost of machinery, if a business’s oxidizer breaks down, businesses are left with a choice between very costly machinery or even more costly penalties for not passing VOC Emissions tests.

Kono Kogs provides warranty-backed used oxidizers of all varieties, including RTOs, Catalytic Oxidizers, and Thermal Oxidizers. While new thermal oxidizers can be extremely costly and may affect a company’s profitability for the year, purchasing a new oxidizer is not the only option businesses have when upholding their EPA compliance. Kono Kogs inspects and tests each Thermal Oxidizer to ensure functionality and quality, and resells these costly machines at a much lower cost that includes a warranty.?

Kono Kogs worked with VisualFizz to run Google Ads and Bing Ads PPC campaigns to advertise its oxidizer inventory and gain new leads from the brand website. VisualFizz also helped to manage the brand’s Search Engine Optimization and Visibility, as well as ensure that all onsite content was optimized and presented in a clean, easy-to-navigate way.?

Image from: Kono Kogs

Valley Grinding and Manufacturing

The quality and precision of tools and machinery used during manufacturing processes is just as vital the expertise of the people working with them. In order for paper, rubber, steel, stone, and nearly any other manufacturing material to be properly distributed and used for production, these materials must first be cut and fitted to precise specifications. This level of production requires extremely sharp, precisely calibrated machines and blades, and if businesses don’t maintain the quality and precision of their manufacturing tools, the results can be costly. In manufacturing, there is as little room for error as there is margin per widget.??

Valley Grinding and Manufacturing offers nationwide industrial blade sharpening services for nearly all manufacturing applications. With over 30 years of blade grinding experience, Valley Grinding and Manufacturing helps industrial brands keep their machines and the blades within them calibrated, precise, and efficient. Valley Grinding has grown significantly in recent years, and continues to expand its branded locations across the United States.?

Valley Grinding and Manufacturing worked with VisualFizz with an overall goal of increasing the digital leads from the website. This strategy included management of the brand’s PPC campaigns on both Google Ads and Bing Ads, new page content creation, and SEO management. Maintaining a voice and tone of the highest quality services available was pinnacle to the brand’s marketing efforts.?

Their knowledge of different areas of digital marketing and creative approach to strategy is outstanding.

Andrea M.

Social media manager, Hu-Friedy

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